Gators Bike Park

Gators Bike Park is a Worthington Community Bicycle Playground, providing a traffic-free space for kids to ride their bikes in the woods. Gators Bike Park was built in response to the popularity of after-school biking programs at Granby Elementary, along with a vision of rekindling the love of bicycling within our kids of today. The goal was rather simple: create a recreational spot focused on family trail riding that offered a fun, safe, and challenging place to ride bikes. The creation of Gators Bike Park was a way to also promote more physical activity from day to day and get kids off the couch and away from screens. Get out your bikes and RIDE!

Gators Bike Park is located in Worthington, Ohio in the wooded area by Granby Elementary and McCord Middle School.  The address is 1490 Hard Rd, Columbus, OH 43235.

The bike park currently includes a 1/4 mile single-track skills loop and a flow trail with 2 wood-banked berms.  It’s a fun ride for all ages!  And get PUMPED because we are expanding the park!

Don’t forget to wear your helmets and, please, no riding if the trail is wet.