Gators Bike Park Race Team

2021 Race Team

Your Ticket to a “One-of-a-Kind” Team!

Carrying the momentum from previous years’ success, GBPark is ready to roll into the upcoming Kids Race Season!  This team is a one-of-a-kind team that will ride bikes on trails together and enter a handful of bike race events to put our skills to the test.  This team is open to any and all boys and girls of all ages, Kindergarten to 6th grade – and older, who are interested in trail riding as a team with the focus on fun!  Although GBPark is located on Granby’s property, this team welcomes any and all kids from any school – so invite your friends too! JOIN NOW

Generally speaking, each team member will have 5 practices that will take place either on Monday (at Gators Bike Park) or Tuesday (Gnomewood Skills Park), depending on which skill group they are.  These practices are spread out over the summer.  Our team has 4 races we attend, with the last being the Swamp Dash at Gators Bike Park in mid-September.  We also do an optional team campout at Dillon State Park – which is a blast if you camp, and are looking to add another campout at John Bryant due to the popularity.  We are not super competitive in what we do, but instead work on individual improvement and being a strong team member.  Ultimately, we like to think of our selves as a big, 2-wheeled party!

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GBPark Race Team Mission Statement

GBPark Race Team has been formed to accomplish a handful of goals:

  1. Introduce kids to trail riding, local trail systems, and a love for the outdoors and nature.
  2. Minimize the fear of participating in a “race” event such as a MTB Race.  (It took me many years to overcome my own fears to enter my first MTB race, only to find that these events are non-threatening, welcoming, and extremely fun!)
  3. Form team camaraderie among group members (and family members) with group rides, high fives, celebrating personal accomplishments, Race Day TrailGates, and exercising together with an emphasis on FUN!
  4. Provide a a quality team experience with a safe environment.  We believe strongly in teaching and learning, not just riding.  We have developed a coaching staff that has completed a Coaches Skills Clinic along with completing a background check.

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