Gators Mountain Bike Race Series

New in 2022—we’re hosting our own kid-friendly mountain bike race series this year! The Gators Race Series is four mountain bike races that are 100% designed with kids in mind. From balance bikers to rippers, we’ve got you covered.  Age- and skill-appropriate course design, more signage and course markers, safer starting lines, and more opportunities to spectate. Sign up for some, or sign up for all—it’s going to be a party on two wheels!

Series Schedule Location Race Date Registration Open Registration Close
Swamp Dash  Gators Bike Park June 25 CLOSED CLOSED
The Scorcher Chestnut Ridge July 16 REGISTER July 14
Trail Magic John Bryan Aug 7 REGISTER Aug 5
Swamp Dash Relays Gators Bike Park Sept 17 June 25 Sept 10
  • Race at Chestnut Ridge
  • Swamp Dash