The Scorcher at Chestnut Ridge

Race #2 in the Gators Race Series

  • Race at Chestnut Ridge


The Scorcher at Chestnut Ridge is back, but better! More kid-friendly racing options for all skill levels. The courses range from the easy balance biker lollipop to the 5.4-mile single-track technical course with elevation changes for more advanced riders.  There’s even a pump track to crank up the fun factor for all.  Take your experience from the first race in the series and build on it!

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When: July 16, 2022, 9:30 am

Where: Chestnut Ridge Mountain Bike Trail, 5260 Mason Rd NW, Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Sign Up: May 31-July 15 6:00pm

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Course Previews:

Lollipop Course
(0.1 mile, 16 feet elevation)
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Novice course for balance bikers and 3-4 pedalers.
Field Course
(0.3 miles, 16 feet elevation)
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Novice course for 5-6 riders through the field.
Woods Course
(0.8 miles, 95 feet elevation)
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Novice course for 7+ riders partly through the woods.
Sport Course
(2.7 miles, 233 feet elevation)
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Advanced course for riders 9+ who are ready to ride longer, climb, and tackle rooty sections.
1 and 2 lap options.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Course Setup Crew (day before race)
  • Course Marshalls (race day, coaches only)
  • Starting Line Helpers (race day)
  • Finish Line Helpers (race day)
  • Course Cleanup Crew (race day, after all races)

Race Results:

TBD. Race results, podium pictures and other fun stuff from the event will become available in the days following each race event.