Swamp Dash Relays at Gators Bike Park

Race #4 in the Gators Race Series


We head back to Gators Bike Park for the series finale.  The Swamp Dash Relay is a brand new race format to close out the season. Riders sign up as an individual.  Coaches will build teams of 4.  Complete as many laps as possible as a team in 1 hour.  Swamp water, live music, food trucks, merch, and more!

As part of Swamp Dash Relays we will be celebrating the installation of our long-awaited DrewsTrak memorial pump track with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!  After years and years (and years!) of hard work, we are thrilled to add a modular Pumptrack to Gators Bike Park!  As usual, expect a huge party atmosphere to celebrate this monumental occasion! 

Take a peek at the pump track here: https://youtu.be/ViuBODuLsCI

Ready to Race??

Our race day officially begins at 9:30 AM, but come early!  Your first order of business upon arriving is to check in your rider(s) at the Check-In Tent (see venue map); race day volunteers can check in there too.

We’d love for everyone to be there cheering and ringing cowbells for every wave of racers but we understand that some families have other commitments on race day.  If you can’t arrive in time for the first race, please arrive 45 minutes before your estimated start time (see schedule). It’s best when riders have plenty of time to check-in, ride around to warm up, and get familiar with their surroundings before reporting to the staging area (see venue map).  

Must Haves:

  • Bike
  • Helmet (properly fitted)
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Extra water


  • Race Plate* 
  • Chairs or blankets
  • Pop-up tents (see venue map for placement)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray

* Gators Team Racers should arrive with race plates attached to the front of their bike (zip ties).  All other riders that do not have a race place will be issued one at check-in.  Do not forget to check in!!

Course Previews

Standard Race Course (Woods)
(0.3 miles)
Novice course for Balance Bikers and 3-4 Pedal Bike Racers through the grass bowl and skills loop in the woods.
Relay Race Course (Woods & Field)
(0.5 miles, 16 feet elevation)
For all other riders, through the grass bowl, skills loop in the woods, and flow trail in the field.

Relay Rules:

When a racer completes a lap, they will dismount their bike before they enter the *Exchange Zone,* their lap will be recorded, and they run their bike to their tent.  Once at the tent, the next racer runs their bike to the end of the exchange zone and then rides their lap. 

Here are a couple more detailed rules: 

  • Cheer for your teammates!
  • The lap must be fully completed by the conclusion of the hour in order to count.
  • Racers are not permitted to ride their bikes in the pit/exchange zone.  They must jump off and push their bike.
  • Incoming racers must reach their tent and high-five their coach before the next rider can leave.
  • Riders must go in order (1,2,3,4,1,2…).  The exception is the last 5 minutes of the race.  Teams may have any racer start a lap in the last 5 minutes (i.e. you can pick your fastest rider to try to sneak in 1 more lap)
  • No laps will be allowed to start after the 58-minute mark.  Not even Justin Reeves rides a lap in less than 2 minutes!
  • Ties will be broken based on the time each team takes to complete all of their laps.  (For example, completing 12 laps in 57 minutes would beat a team that completes 12 laps in 59 minutes)
  • If a team member is a no-show on race day, the team will compete with only 3 riders.  If multiple team members are no-shows on race day then we will reshuffle some of the teams to ensure every team has a minimum of 3 riders.
  • For safety reasons, there are several sections on the course where passing is NOT permitted.  Do not pass in these areas.

Race Schedule:

This schedule is approximate!  Please listen for your rider’s race group to be called over the PA system.  Once called, report to the staging area (see venue map), and coaches will take over from there.  

Rider GroupEstimated Start Time
Balance Bikes (standard race format)9:30 AM
Age 3-4 (standard race format)9:40 AM
🏅Podium for BB & 3/49:55 AM
Mushroom Cup Relay Race10:10 AM
🏅Podium for Mushroom Cup11:15 AM
DrewsTrack Pump Track Ribbon Cutting🎉11:30 AM
Flower Cup Relay Race12:40 PM
🏅Podium for Flower Cup1:45 PM
Star Cup Relay Race1:50 PM
🏅Podium for Star Cup2:55 PM

Interactive Venue Map:

Click on the icons, markers, and outlined areas on the map below for race day details and where to be!

Event Extras:

Available for purchase on race day:

  • Swamp Water
  • Gators Swag
  • Food: Buckeye Shaved Ice, Manden Ice Cream, Tito’s Asian Kitchen, Hogback BBQ Pit

Volunteers Needed:

Great races are only possible with great volunteers! We need parent volunteers to help set up the night before the race and to help with registration, starting line, finish line, and tear down on race day. The Gators coaching staff will cover all volunteer positions on the course and will be organized separately.


Race Sponsors

Thank you to these amazing sponsors and STRONG SPOKES!!


KENDA TIRE – Thank you Matt Boissy and KENDA for tents, flags, rolls & rolls of race tape, and the Kenda Tire arch at the finish line!

WHEELIE FUN BIKE SHOP – Thank you Ryan Houston and WHEELIE FUN for tuning up kids’ bikes on race day!

ROLL BICYCLE SHOP – Thank you Ryan Hughes for your photography skills and for capturing the magic at our races this season! 

GATORS TRAIL CREW – Thank you our very own Gators Trail Crew for building and maintaining our trails!

RESOLUTE LACROSSE – Thank you Greg Bice and Resolute Lacrosse for loaning us tents for the Relay Race Teams & Pit Crews.


Awards Ceremony & Race Results:

There will be a podium ceremony at the conclusion of each of the 4 Relay Groups.  The team with the most laps completed during the hour will climb to the top of the podium.  All relay race finishers will get a custom Swamp Dash Relay finisher medal.

All results from the Gators Race Series will be celebrated and archived, along with photos, on the Series Results page.